Global glove shortage due to lack of manufacturing capacity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, global demand for single use gloves has skyrocketed, exceeding the existing
production capacity of manufacturers by an estimated 215 billion units, or about 37%. Although manufacturers
are working aggressively to increase production, industry experts predict that significant shortages will likely
persist into 2021.

There is now a global shortage of single use gloves due to a 2-3x surge in demand around the world.

Four factors driving demand include:

  • Healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients
  • Essential workers now needing gloves daily
  • Increase in use by the general public
  • New stockpiling initiatives by healthcare providers and government

Global supply remains limited. While 585 billion gloves are needed, only 375 billion gloves are available, resulting in a 37% shortfall. As your supplier of choice, we will continue to monitor the situation and help you mitigate the impact by securing only FDA approved gloves, keeping you updated on availability and delivery, and preserving our supply for our customers.