Prevail upgrading incontinence line to improve breathability

In efforts to streamline its product line-up, First Quality Products, Inc. is upgrading all current Breezers360°™ Briefs to its premium Air Plus™ Briefs, effective immediately. With an enhanced Microclimate Care™ and using the premium features from the Next Generation Briefs™, the breathable AirMax™ Layer provides 100% breathability to help promote better skin health.

The Prevail® AirMax™ Layer takes Microclimate Care™ to the next level by helping decrease skin’s contact with moisture. The specially formulated breathable material traps wetness inside but air, heat and humidity escape, allowing the skin to breathe.

Benefits of the AirMax™ Layer:
• Helps reduce moisture and humidity held at the skin surface
• Helps increase breathability and comfort to the wearer
• Helps promote better skin health