TwinMed can tailor a respiratory program that best fits your business needs. Our programs are clinically beneficial and cost effective!

Below are a few of the service provided: 

  • Respiratory Supplies and Services
  • Oxygen Therapy Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment Rental

We provide these services to many different types of customers, including:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities 
  • Hospitals
  • Sub-Acute Care Facilities

Oxygen and Equipment Policies

Oxygen Therapy - Gaseous or Liquid oxygen will be delivered each week on a day agreed upon by facility or as needed.

Equipment Rental - Equipment will also be delivered weekly or on an as needed basis. Back up units can be included to prevent emergency situations for your staff.

Rentals Included:
Ventilator - Trilogy 100, LTV1100/1150, PLV 100/102, I-Vent, AchievaPSO2.

  • Concentrator (5 and 10 liter)- Invacare Plat XL, Everflo & Millennium. 
  • BIPAP (S/ST) - Respironics DS650, DS750
  • CPAP- Remstar Line 
  • Suction Machines - Drive Medical 
  • Air Compressors - Precision Medical, Invacare 
  • Nebulizers - Respironics, Drive Medical
  • Pulse Oximeter - Handy OX

Respiratory and Equipment In-Services - Respiratory and Equipment in-services will be performed as requested on a scheduled time convenient to both parties.

TwinMed staff members can perform disposable supply change-outs on all respiratory equipment according to a facility's protocol alleviating time, cost and responsibility for nursing staff.

24 Hour On-Call Service - TwinMed provides a toll-free number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week. 877-TwinMed

TwinMed has certified Bio - Technicians that can evaluate facility-owned equipment for Preventative Maintenance status and the overall operation of concentrators. Facility Maintenance Reports can be provided upon request or as needed.

As part of their normal monthly routine, TwinMed’s certified Bio-Technicians will clean external filters and disinfect each machine.

Durable Medical Equipment Rental:
TwinMed has a large selection of equipment available for rental, including...

  • Hospital Beds 
  • Wheelchairs 
  • Patient Lifts 
  • Low Air Loss Mattresses 
  • Trapezes 
  • Bath Aides 
  • Ambulatory Products