Syringe shortage looms

syringe shortage

In order for COVID-19 vaccinations alone to be administered worldwide, experts believe between eight billion and 10 billion syringes will be needed. An article by Repertoire cites the New York Times as saying there might not be enough syringes available to administer the vaccines due to a global syringe shortage.

From Repertoire on March 8, 2021:

Officials in the United States and the European Union have said they need more. Further complicating the matter is that not all syringes will do the trick.

Japan revealed in February that it might have to discard millions of doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine if it couldn’t secure enough syringes able to draw out a sixth dose from vials. In January, the FDA advised healthcare providers in the U.S. that they could extract more doses from the Pfizer vials after hospitals there discovered that some contained enough for a sixth — or even a seventh — shot.

The world needs between eight billion and 10 billion syringes for Covid-19 vaccinations alone, experts say.

The industry has ramped up to meet demand. BD (Franklin Lakes, NJ), the world’s largest manufacturer of syringes, says it is producing 2,000 each minute to meet orders of more than a billion.