TwinMed Technology Integration

Optimize Your Supply Chain
to Save Both Time and Money

Explore how our procure-to-pay services can make
purchasing process easier and more streamlined

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Streamline Supply Chain Management for Post-Acute Care Facilities

Customize Catalog

Easily view real-time inventory availability and save with integrated contract pricing

Track Orders

Effortlessly track your orders from placement to delivery with ease and accuracy

Leverage Expertise

Tap into TwinMed's industry expertise to optimize your supply chain operations

Reduce Costs

Identify spending opportunities and reduce processing costs for improved financial performance


Efficient Technology Integration Services for Your Business

Our integration services provide flexible connectivity and complete supply chain visibility, improving your procure to pay process efficiency.

Product Manager

Our dedicated product manager will be your point of contact throughout the integration process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Flexible Connectivity

We offer various digital connectivity options including cXML Punchout, hosted catalogs, EDI & cXML APIs, and tailored integration mapping.

Seamless Ordering

Our digital integration services enable seamless ordering and customization of content, making it easier for you to manage your supply chain.

Complete Visibility

With our digital integration services, you gain complete visibility into your supply chain, allowing for better spend control and decision-making.

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Streamline Your Order Processing and Invoicing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our Technology Integration Services include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which enables seamless order processing and invoicing. With EDI, you can automate the exchange of business documents, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Efficient Order Processing and Invoicing

Automated Business Document Exchange

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Errors


Streamline Processes with Barcoding and Scanning

Our technology integration services utilize barcoding and scanning technology to reduce errors and expedite check-out and check-in processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Error Reduction

Minimize errors and streamline operations with our advanced barcoding and scanning solutions.

Expedited Check-In

Speed up the check-in process and improve customer satisfaction with our barcoding and scanning services.

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Seamless Integration for Streamlined Operations

Our technology integration services offer a range of additional features to enhance your operations. With integration capabilities with existing systems, customizable reports, and user-friendly interfaces, we provide a seamless solution for your business needs.

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Customizable Reports for In-depth Analysis

Gain valuable insights with our customizable reports that provide in-depth analysis of your data.

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User-Friendly Interfaces for Easy Navigation

Our user-friendly interfaces ensure easy navigation and a seamless user experience.

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Enhance Efficiency with Integrated Systems

Integrate your existing systems to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

How It Works

Simplified Medical Supply Distribution for Your Practice

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Streamlined Ordering Process

Reliable and Timely Deliveries

Optimize Your Medical Supply Inventory


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