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Why TwinMed

Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with TwinMed

Twinmed is the preferred choice for increasing efficiency in post acute care. Our comprehensive range of medical supplies and solutions are designed to help healthcare practices work more efficiently, saving time and resources.

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What We Offer

Streamline Your Workflow with Our Solutions

Our medical supplies distribution company offers a range of key benefits to help you work more efficiently. From utilization review and PAR optimization to pref card management and suture/endo management, our solutions are designed to enhance your workflow and improve patient care.

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Utilization Review

Optimize resource utilization by identifying areas of improvement and implementing cost-saving measures to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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PAR Optimization

Efficiently manage and track PAR levels in order to achieve better inventory control and ensure that stock levels are maintained at optimal levels.

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Pref Card Management

Simplify and standardize the process of preference card creation and maintenance to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Streamline Supply Handling for Increased Efficiency

Streamlining supply handling is crucial for improving efficiency in medical facilities. Our enhanced bulk delivery, advanced LUM cart delivery, and periop decasing solutions are designed to optimize your supply chain and help you work more efficiently.

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Our Efficient Work Solutions

Our custom and standard kits, complete delivery system, and surgical case delivery service help reduce set up times, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Custom Kits

Choose from our wide range of custom and standard kits for your specific needs.

Delivery System

Our complete delivery system ensures that you have everything you need, when you need it.

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Transforming Supply Spaces for Maximum Efficiency

At TwinMed we understand the importance of having well-organized and efficient supply spaces. Our expert team can help you redesign your supply rooms, periop spaces, and optimize third-party logistics to ensure seamless operations and improved productivity.

Revamp your supply rooms for better organization and accessibility.

Optimize periop spaces to streamline surgical procedures.

Enhance efficiency with our third-party logistics tools.

How It Works

Simplified Medical Supply Distribution for Your Practice

Sign up today to begin receiving high-quality medical supplies, equipment, and our expert services. Our payment model makes it easy for owners to forecast their medical supply needs on a monthly and annual basis. Have any questions? Get in touch with our world-class customer service team today and we'll get you set up for success.

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